Orlando Appraisal

Nugent Appraisal Services is a family owned and operated firm of accredited appraisers. We have been serving professionals, individuals, and institutions since 1976. Our independent appraisal reports meet the highest industry standard as required by Insurers, Government Agencies, and the Courts.


We specialize in certifying the value of Fine Art, Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles, Memorabilia, and General Residential & Business Contents. If you have an Orlando appraisal need contact our Orlando appraisal office to have all your questions answered. Nugent Appraisal Services is fully insured and bonded. Our professional appraisers come into the privacy and security of your home or business to perform the hands-on examination necessary to identify and certify the value of your item.


The independent, certified appraisal reports are used for Estate Settlement, Equitable Distribution, Divorce Settlement, Obtaining Insurance Coverage, Damage Claim Resolution, Charitable Donation, and Buy/Sell Agreements. We provide experienced Expert Witness Testimony in support of the independent appraisal and report in cases of litigation.

If you have an Orlando appraisal question call +1 888-353-7152 today or CONTACT US online.