Onsite Appraisal

Onsite Appraisal

Ray3Suit - CopyCertifying the value of an item or many items often begins with a personal, hands-on examination in the residence or business where items are located. In order to accurately appraise an item the appraiser must first positively identify the item. Now, not all items must be personally examined by our accredited appraisal team in order to identify. By their nature, many items can be identified by digital images provided electronically (internet), a basic description, and if available, documents of origination (purchase receipt, old appraisal, repair invoice, etc.) In fact, we certify the value of hundreds of items from around the country, every week, from owners and professionals assisting owners when a qualified, independent appraiser is not available in their area. Digital image technology, in many cases, saves significant time and expense when an independent, certified appraisal is necessary!

This article, on the other hand, will provide the appraisal examination preparation and procedures we discuss on the phone with each client in advance of our onsite certified appraisal examination.


The objective of the appraisal examination is very simply to gather item information that allows us, after later office analyzing, to identify. During the appraisal examination we gather images, a description of critical features and markings, and when available, provenance.

The appraisal examination will run more efficiently if the items can more easily be viewed and handled. We handle items only when necessary. But, more often than not, items are handled. Many of our clients are unable to “stage” items for easier access because of where they are displayed/stored or personal mobility issues. No worries – we are prepared to climb around, through, and over, if necessary. More importantly, any and all item information (documentation and provenance) you can provide is in your best as it will assist with identification and increase value accuracy.

If you are interested in having our experienced, fully insured and bonded, appraisal professionals come to your residence or business for a hands-on examination of your Fine Art, Jewelry, Collectibles, Antiques, Memorabilia, and General Furnishings and Contents call Ray at (888) 353-7152 to discuss. If an onsite appraisal examination is absolutely not necessary or you are out of our local service areas Ray will discuss a time-saving and cost-saving remote appraisal.

If you prefer, CONTACT US online for more information.

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