Online Appraisal
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Online Appraisal

Online Appraisal

As independent appraisers, we produce a certified appraisal report that meets all USPAP standards as required by insurers, government agencies, and the courts. This is our 36th year in business.

The online appraisal process involves you providing a brief item description and item image. In almost every instance we can accurately identify an item from a description and image (jewelry excluded). If we have difficulty identifying we will contact you to clarify. We utilize the Market Comparison Approach to Value. The market has already determined the value of an item from recent market activity of an exact or similar, like, kind, and quality item. This is the valuation methodology that enables the report to meet the highest industry standard.

The total fee for this certified remote appraisal procedure ranges from $25 to $95, depending on the complexity of the item appraisal and a volume discount for more items. The fee will be quoted at no cost or obligation.


  • Cost Savings
  • Faster Report Completion
  • Experienced, Qualified Appraisers


The certified report will briefly describe and value the item or set of items and reproduce the images you provide. In support of the value the report will also provide comparable market data. The report is delivered by email attachment in a digitally signed, secure PDF format. The full report can be printed from any desktop printer or emailed securely with the security certificate that prohibits any changes to the report. The report is typically completed within days of receipt of your item information and full payment by phoned debit/credit card or online PayPal payment.

Debit/Credit Card by phone call (561) 330-4424 0r (888) 353-7152

Submit PayPal payment to

Questions about the online appraisal CONTACT US

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