What is the cost?

The total appraisal fee cost is based on the amount of time of the on-site examination and any possible travel expense. If there is a
travel expense it will be quoted before any engagement. Our hourly billing fee is $120-$150. The appraisal fee is based on a formula of two hours of in-office work after the examination for each one hour we are performing the examination. Example: We start the exam at 10am and complete the exam at 11am. The fee formula breakdown (1 hour on-site + 2 hours in office = 3 billable hours at $120 per hour for a total appraisal fee of $360).

What is the cost if the on-site exam takes less than 1 hour?

Our minimum billing fee is based on a 1 hour examination. So, if we perform an on-site examination the appraisal fee will be at least $360-$450. Once we exceed the first hour on-site we bill in 15 minute increments thereafter.

How many items can you examine in 1 hour?

We typically examine between 15 – 20 items per hour. Some items have more value characteristics than others – for instance examining a painting as compared to a dining table. We are thorough for the sake of accuracy yet efficient in respect to your fee investment.

When do I pay the appraisal fee and what forms of payment do you accept?

We total the appraisal fee at the completion of the examination based on the 1:2 hour formula described above and secure at least 50% of the balance by debit/credit card or personal check. When the certified appraisal report is completed and ready for delivery we secure the remaining fee balance and deliver the report.

How many days before I receive the appraisal report and how is it delivered?

The report is typically completed and delivered within 10-15 days of the date of examination. We can discuss a faster turnaround time if necessary. The certified report is delivered by email attachment in a digitally signed, secure PDF format. The full report can be printed from any desktop printer or emailed securely with a feature that does not allow the report to be altered.

What can I do to prepare for the examination?

There are simple but helpful things you can do that will aid in the accuracy of the report and reduce the cost of your appraisal.

CLICK HERE to prepare for an examination.

Can I schedule the examination on the weekends or evenings?

Yes. We will do our best to work with your available schedule.

How quickly can I schedule an examination?

We do our best to schedule an examination within days, sometimes the same day.

Can I bring my items to you for an examination?

As accredited appraisers we are removed from the buying and selling of the items we appraise. This fact protects you because it means we are independent and disinterested from the value, much different from a “free” appraisal from a dealer that would like to buy and resale your item. Since we do not “deal” we do not have the need for a walk-in retail store. We work from home offices and offer a full-service visit to our clients. We also can identify and certify the value of many items from a digital image and description that are provided via email.

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