Naples and Miami Estate Settlement Appraisals

Naples and Miami Estate Settlement Appraisals

Gemologist and Appraiser Olivia Nugent and Appraiser Ray Nugent

Gemologist and Appraiser Olivia Nugent was off to Naples and Appraiser Ray Nugent was down in Miami earlier this week for Estate Settlement Appraisals. Beneficiaries of estates often utilize Nugent Appraisal for Value Protection – identifying the unknown items of substantial value in a family member’s residence before liquidating the more common, less-valuable items. After the independent appraisal identifies the items the family would not want to undersell in a liquidation auction, Ray Nugent and his team help many beneficiaries navigate the uncertainty of selling by facilitating the most beneficial auction services.

Do you have concerns about the value of items a loved one has left for you? Are you uncertain of which items to hold onto or sell because of unknown values? Do you need information navigating the uncertainties of dealers and auction services? We are here to help. Contact us today for an informative, no-obligation conversation.

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