Naples Appraisal

Nugent Appraisal is a professional appraisal service resource for professionals, their clients and families in Naples since 1976. Our Naples appraisal office certifies the values of Fine Art, Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles, and general residential contents. Our senior Naples appraiser produces independent, certified reports for divorce, insurance, estate settlement and equitable distribution, charitable donation, and buy/sell. Trust your appraisal needs to a local company that has a long list of references that will attest to the highest level of competence and professionalism.

Accredited Appraisal Professionals

Our Naples appraiser adheres to all USPAP standards as required by insurers, government agencies, and the courts. Operating under an established code of ethics, you can rest assured the appraisal process will be conducted in a professional and reliable manner. The appraisal process results in an objective, independent report that meets the highest industry standard.

Onsite Appraisal in a Residence or Business

To certify values that meet the highest industry standard entails an on-site examination, item identification, market comparable analysis, and certified report production. Whether you have just a few or an entire residence or business of personal property items we have an experienced staff of appraisal professionals that certify the value of all categories of items.

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