Murano Glass Appraisal

Murano Glass Appraisal

Murano Glass Appraisal requests are frequent at Nugent Appraisal.

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t receive a call or email requesting a certified murano glass appraisal report. Murano glass was produced in great quantities in the 1950s and 1960s. With the previous generation of collectors passing on, and baby boomers, aware that “this glass art” has been in the house since childhood, an interest in value is generated.

Many beneficiaries have an interest in resale value, not often in knowledge for the sake of collecting or expanding the inherited collection. Overall, the murano glass industry is shrinking in demand as a new generation moves to other interests. In fact, due to imitation works from Asia and Eastern Europe coming into the market, and the reduction of collectible interest, the number of professional glassmakers in Murano (Italy) has decreased from about 6000 in 1990 to less than 1000 today (John Hopper, The Guardian).

In an effort to push back against imitations, some companies in Murano incorporated on pieces a registered trademark to certify authenticity. Companies on the island are not required to mark pieces with “Murano” so many pieces continue to go unattributed. As Murano Glass appraisal experts we inform appraisal clients that just because their piece is not labeled as such, it is very likely to was made by an artisan in Murano. Regardless, there continues to be downward pressure on market value of Murano Glass works of art as supply of authentic and Murano-like supply increases and generational market demand decreases.

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