Nugent Appraisal Services has been meeting the personal property appraisal needs of professionals and individuals in South Florida since 1976. We are a professional appraisal service that brings to Miami, FL years of experience and the highest level of accreditation to every appraisal assignment. When you have a Miami FL appraisal need for a third-party, independent valuation of an item in your home or business, let the professionals with a long list of satisfied clients meet your need.

Trusted Appraisal Services

Your personal items, understandably, are of considerable concern to you and possibly other family members. Our Miami FL appraiser approaches each assignment with the care of an owner. Though we have the highest regard for the items we have absolutely no personal interested in them. Our independent, disinterested position in the item’s worth allows us to produce a report that will withstand the most stringent scrutiny from a biased perspective. Our appraisers produce a report that meets the highest industry standard as required by insurers, government agencies, the courts, and society at large.

Experienced and Dependable

Our Miami FL appraiser will examine a single item or an entire residence or business of items. The thorough on site examination allows us to identify what is being appraised so we can compare to other exact or similar like, kind, and quality items that have recently sold. The market has determined the value of every item. This established market comparison approach to value methodology by our experienced personal property appraiser enables us to delivery an accurate, independent valuation position that you can depend on and use for many purposes including scheduling insurance, settling damage claims, estate settlement, equitable distribution, divorce, charitable donation, or resale.