Meet Our Accredited Appraiser and Team

Founded in 1976, Nugent Appraisal Services is headed by a senior-level appraiser, accredited at the highest attainable level in all forms of personal property, including rare books, documents, manuscripts, collectibles, autographs, archives, collections, maps, and residential contents. Our accredited appraiser provides our clients with reliable and current appraisal information. Our staff also includes experienced associate appraisers, researchers, archivists, and a conservator. The diversity of credentials within Nugent Appraisal is unique in the industry and positions us to fully understand and manage large and complex collections and archives.


Appraisers and Researchers

Our professional staff is comprised of experienced appraisers and researchers. They are trained to professionally evaluate the history, features, styling, and the provenance of thousands of personal property items ranging from the ordinary and mundane to the most obscure and rare. Our accredited appraiser staff and research team provides both online appraisals and on-site appraisal services to meet a range of needs.


Professional Archivist Staff

In addition to our accredited appraiser team and research staff, we also have a staff of professionally trained archivists with twenty-six years of experience in the organization of library and museum special collections, governmental and institutional archives, and private collections.


Experienced Conservator

Nugent Appraisal also has an experienced on-staff conservator, with expertise in the preservation of all types of paper, leather and photographic items. Our conservation staff is trained in assessing the elements of condition, and how best to deal with the preservation and conservation of thousands of types of items. Our goal is to make every item ‘as good as it can be’ in order to perpetuate its life and maintain the market value. This should be the goal of every professional conservator and one that our staff takes very seriously.


Professional Memberships

The staff at Nugent Appraisal includes trained, accredited appraisers with over three decades of experience. We believe strongly in the precepts of business associations and their structural discipline and objectives. For many years our appraisers have contributed to and participated in the functions of the leading professional societies:

Senior Member, American Society of Appraisers
American Institute for Conservation of Historical & Artistic Works
Society of American Archivists
International Board of Examiners
Personal Property International Committee (ASA Past Member)
American Society of Document Appraisers
Ephemera Society of America
Former Editor in Chief, Personal Property Journal, ASA



2002 Expert Witness
1999 Using Digital Imagery
1999 Legal, Ownership and Appraisal Issues – Cultural Property
1998 Preservation of 19th Century Photographs
1995 Expert Witness in Federal and County Courts
1994 Paper Preservation & Treatment (UK)
1993 Photograph Conservation (Image Permanence Institute)
1993 Connoisseurship (Smithsonian)
1992 Environmental Conservation (Office of Technology)
1990 Bookbinding in the 20th Century (Conservation Resources)
1989 Appraising Political Collections (Associate Professional Degree)
1985 Fine Binding & Repairs (Associate Professional Degree)
1983 Manuscript Appraisals (London)
1955 Citadel – Charleston, S.C. (Bachelor of Science & Commerce)



Astronaut Hall of Fame
Boston Conservancy of Music
Claude Pepper Foundation
Collier Automotive Museum
State of Florida – Historical Archives
Florida State University
Georgia State College
Harvey S. Firestone Foundation
Internal Revenue Service

New England Conservancy of Music
North Carolina State – Historical Archives
Northern Trust
United States Historical Office
University of Florida
University of Houston
University of Michigan
University of Wyoming

Senior Accredited Appraiser

Ray Nugent Jr.

Lead Appraiser

Ray Nugent III

Senior Appraiser

Gwen Nugent


Olivia Nugent