Lladro Appraisal

Lladro Appraisal

A Lladro appraisal is a fairly common occurrence for the Nugent Appraisal team.

To many people around the world, the name Lladro conjures up delicate and colorful porcelain figurines; the country of Spain; and even perhaps thoughts of culture because most of the figurines are reflective of centuries past in their costuming and lifestyle.

The story of Lladro started in Almacera, Spain, a short distance from the city of Valencia where the three Lladro brothers were born. Tradition would have the brothers devoting their lives to agriculture, but their mother, Rosa, wanted more for her children. As the story is told, it was this tenacious and persuasive woman who guided them toward an education and occupation in the arts.

In 1951, Juan, Jose and Vicente built their first kiln, a Moorish type made of brick. Using rosemary and furze from the nearby mountains as fuel, they achieved the temperatures necessary to fire ceramics; soon making flowers for decorative lamps. It wasn’t long before a great demand for these small pieces developed and the Lladro brothers found it necessary to increase their labor force, and within two years they founded Lladro Porcelains. The brothers managed to negotiate a small loan and soon a new kiln was built that could produce the temperatures needed to convert the product into glass or a glassy substance namely porcelain.

Lladro porcelain products are now sold in 120 countries on five continents. Tavernes Blanques, a village near Valencia, is the home to The City of Porcelain, where all Lladro creations are born in the 100,000 square foot facility employing over 1,000 employees. The three brothers withdrew from the Lladro board of directors at the end of 2003 and a new board was formed with two children of each of the brothers.

Whether a single Lladro, a group, or a large collection, Nugent Appraisal can likely certify the current value from a digital image and brief description, or an onsite examination. If you require a Lladro appraisal contact us today.



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