Know the Worth of Your Treasured Possessions

Know the Worth of Your Treasured Possessions

Your Treasured Items Have Value

Appraisal services are not interested in purchasing your belongings, but rather assisting people in knowing the value of their most precious possessions.


Almost everyone owns a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s made of gold, silver or diamond, each piece has a different value. Sometimes, it may be more valuable than the price it was bought for.


A collectible is an item that a person has an interest in collecting. Collectors understand that the item possesses or will possess a certain value. An appraisal service can help determine the exact value of the collection.

Fine Art

Art can add elegance and beauty to a house. However, there are pieces of fine art that are highly valuable, but may be unknown to the owner.

Many people have these items somewhere in the household, but are unaware of how precious and valuable they truly are. Get your items appraised, and know their true worth with the help of Nugent Appraisal Services.

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