FULL-SERVICE SELLING AGENT We recognize that many people are first time sellers, and our goal is to make the process simple and convenient. We do the work: research from thousands of comparable sales a fair selling price for your antiques, art, or other personal property items; accurately identify it in terms that will relay a sense of confidence to experienced buyers/collectors and professional sales agents; and, finally work diligently to find the most serious buyers/collectors and consignors. These steps can be very challenging for the novice. As experienced valuation professionals we become your one source solution for all of these concerns – identification, valuing, presenting, selling, and shipping.


NO COST UNLESS WE SELL There is no cost for the work we do unless your items sell. Simply relax and rest assured that if you have something to sell we are the experienced professionals that can identify, determine the fair resale value, and place it in the best position to make you the most money. We handle all the details and our commission fee is competitive with do-it-yourself online auction sites and well below traditional auction services. We sell single items or entire Estates. Remember, there is no cost UNLESS items sell.Call (888) 353-7152 or (561) 330-4424 to tell us about the items you want to sell


A FREE-NO OBLIGATION EVALUATION FORM WITH IMAGE UPLOAD CLICK HERE FOR OUR FORM to provide a description of the item/collection/estate that includes images and the measurements and any markings; include as much provenance as possible through any  letters, stories, receipts, certificates, previous appraisals, etc., or call (888) 353-7152.