I’m Not Sure It’s Worth Appraising?

I’m Not Sure It’s Worth Appraising?

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Actual $25 Appraisal Certificate

An appraisal from an appraisal professional is a procedure. The procedure involves identification, market comparable research, and the presentation of the information. If the appraiser gets the identification wrong the accuracy of the appraisal information will likely be inaccurate. A ballpark value, guess, estimate, guesstimate, etc. are not appraisals. If the afore mentioned are free then typically you have received a value opinion worthy of your cost. Be careful however before making critical decisions with the gift you have received.

We have a better alternative – a $25 online appraisal by an experienced team of professional appraisers. Our appraisal team certifies the value of hundreds of items found in and around homes from around the country every week. Most items can be positively identified from a quality image or two, a short factual description, and, if available, any documents of origination you may have.

Not sure if your item is worth appraising? Before spending hundreds of dollars for an onsite formal appraisal or receiving a “free” value from a local dealer that will be glad to take it off your hands, give a remote online appraisal a try. We’ve been appraising since 1976, we have no interest in your item, we’re fast (3 days), accurate, and inexpensive. Is an independent, accurate value worth a $25 investment? At the very least, once and for all, you will understand the item’s actual market value.


  • $25 per item or set of items
  • Pay securely with debit/credit card
  • Certificate emailed within 3 days


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