Insurance Appraisal for Lost or Damaged Items

Insurance Appraisal for Lost or Damaged Items


If you have experienced an event that caused damage to your home or belongings, it can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful experience. Nugent Appraisal conducts a certified appraisal reports that are widely accepted by many insurance carriers and the IRS, to help you get back the value you lost.

How it works:
Nugent Appraisal comes to your home or business to obtain digital images, documentation, papers of origination etc., then brings them back to analyze and identify items to compare them with similar items that have been recently sold on the market. They do this in order for the report to meet standards accepted by insurance companies.

Another option, is to take and send your own digital images and documentation to Nugent Appraisal. This option can save you money.

After analysis takes place, Nugent will email you a secure certified report in days that you can then deliver to your insurance carrier. The report will produce replacement value a moment before the event took place.
Specializing in obtaining insurance coverage appraisal, damage claim settlement appraisal, and certified appraisal for lost and destroyed items. Nugent Appraisal wants you to contact them to start your appraisal process today.

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