Fine Art Appraising

Fine Art Appraising

Here at Nugent Appraisal Services, our staff of experienced Fine Art appraisal experts certify the value of more fine art items than any other category of personal property – hundreds of pieces every month. Most individuals own fine art either from a purchase or as a gift passed down through the family. Some individuals and families have accumulated a collection of fine art over many years. Whether it is one piece, several pieces, or a large collection, we have the experience and resources to meet your fine art appraisal need.Renoir painting, fine art

Independent, certified fine art appraisal reports for Estate Settlement, Equitable Distribution, Insurance, Divorce, Charitable Donation, and Buy/Sell of:

Know the Value of Your Collection

For both dealers and collectors of art, quality appraisal services are essential. Those who collect fine art usually want to know the value of their collection and people request appraisals for a variety of other reasons ranging from Insurance Appraisals to Charitable Donation Appraisals, or occasionally because they want to sell it. No matter the reason for wanting to get this information, it is imperative that you procure a high-quality fine art appraisal. To obtain the most reliable fine art estimates, you need to ascertain the credibility of potential art appraisers and understand fine art collections.

Do Your Research

Before having fine art valued or appraised, you should do your research to find a competent and reliable appraiser. One of the ways to ensure a high-quality estimate is to consult reliable sources for recommendations. You may be able to obtain names of some skilled appraising professionals, by contacting local insurance agents and antique dealers. Even if you receive referrals, however, always make sure that you investigate them further in order to determine their specialty or background and how they perform an assessment.

During the selection process, you might want to perform further investigation of the person doing your appraisal. You could ask for the professional’s resume to obtain more specific details about his experience and qualifications. It would be worthwhile to ask to see a sample valuation, because that would show how the person arrives at his assessments or estimates. If possible, contact clients who have used the services of the professional in the past.

Fine art dealers and owners would do well to perform thorough research themselves before getting someone to appraise their collection. Consider doing some research on the artist of the fine art in question, the artist’s other pieces, and the estimated market value of those items, if available. Knowing about the artists and industry trends is also very useful.

At Nugent Appraisal Services, we utilize daily updated worldwide market data on hundreds of thousands of artists with millions of accurate sales records, from master artists to regional virtual unknowns. Whether you are discovering the artist and value for the first time to make a critical decision or more simply updating an out-of-date valuation to protect your fine art we accommodate.

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