Fine Art Appraising – Sculptures

Fine Art Appraising – Sculptures

There are few things in this world as beautiful as The Little Dancer, a sculpture created by the legendary artist Degas. Those lucky enough to see the sculpture in person find themselves blown away at the simple beauty of the piece. Many people collect art that speaks to them personally while other choose to collect works created by a specific artist. You may not have a Degas in your collection, but if you have one or more sculptures, it’s important that you hire a professional Fine Art Appraiser to give a valuation of each piece you own.Edgar_Degas_La_Petite_Danseuse_de_Quatorze_Ans_cast_in_1997

Protecting an Investment

One of the main reasons to have an appraisal done is because you want to insure your sculptures in order to protect your investment. Without insurance, you have no protection in the event of theft of or damage to the sculpture. Some insurance policies include coverage for restoration of artwork in the event that the piece is damaged. Insurance also comes in handy if you plan to move the sculpture in the future, as your policy may cover the piece while it is being transported to a new location or if you loan it to a museum.

Selling at Auction

When sold at auction, many sculptures by famous artists can sell for several hundred thousand dollars or more. If you choose to place your piece up for auction, you will want to commission a professional appraisal to determine the value of the piece prior to the auction. Knowing the appraised value allows you and the auction house to set the correct starting and reserve bids for your sculpture under current market conditions. This type of appraisal is also very useful in the event that you choose to make a Charitable Donation of a piece of art.

How it Works

Many people wonder how an appraisal works and what happens during an assessment. When you hire a fine art appraiser to assess your sculptures, you are commissioning a professional examination of the artwork. The appraiser gathers the necessary information in order to identify the piece. As part of the examination, they will also look for proof of the artist who created the piece, including a signature or an identifying mark on the bottom. You will receive a valuation report that will certify the replacement value for insurance purposes or fair market value for estate, donation, divorce, or buy/sell purposes.

Here at Nugent Appraisal Services, our fine art appraisers understand every facet of sculpture appraisal and we make use of up-to-date worldwide market data on hundreds of thousands of artists in our appraisals. This data includes millions of accurate sales records, from master artists to regional virtual unknowns. Therefore, whether you are just discovering a new sculptor for the first time or simply updating an out-of-date valuation to protect your fine art we can accommodate your need.

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