Fine Art Appraising – Prints

Fine Art Appraising – Prints

A Fine Art Appraisal is necessary under a variety of situations. Some of those situations include:

While not as valuable as the original paintings, fine art prints — especially limited run prints — can still have impressive market value. It’s important to understand what types of prints are most likely to be of high enough value to justify an appraisal. Generally speaking, there are two conditions that apply in order to give a print value: 1. it is of a limited quantity and 2. a market demand exists. Being part of a limited edition is not, in itself, enough to give a print value. There must be a market for the print as well.

Rembrandt_House_Museum,_printing_studioDSCF7277Reproduction Prints

An art print or a poster, is a reproduction of an original painting. Some of these are of a very high quality but the majority of reproductions actually have very little value. Generally, this is due in part to there being a large number of copies printed which can saturate the market. For a reproduction to have value, it generally needs to be part of a limited print run and have a high demand compared to the number of prints available. Signed, limited-edition reproductions of paintings by well known artists can often reach a relatively high value.

Artists’ Prints

Artists’ prints, often called original prints, are not a copy of a painting, nor are they single-copy images. Instead, they are generally a limited run of prints commissioned by the artist. These types of prints can achieve value depending on the artist and the level of demand that exists for the prints. There are always a limited number of copies made and the methods of creating artists’ prints can include a variety of methods and types. While artists’ prints aren’t necessarily worth more than other reproductions, their limited availability can make them highly sought after in the right market.

Additional Considerations

The value of a print can also be influenced by a number of other factors including

The quality of the original artwork,
The type and quality of the paper used for the print run,
How successfully the artwork was reproduced,
The reproduction method used,
The reputation of the artist,
Why the prints were made,
Framing, and other factors.

Here at Nugent Appraisal Services, our appraisers can help you understand what value the fine art prints in your collection have. As part of our appraisals, we make use of up-to-date worldwide market data covering hundreds of thousands of artists with millions of accurate sales records, allowing us to accommodate every fine art appraisal need you have.

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