Fine Art Appraising – Paintings

Fine Art Appraising – Paintings

Appraising Paintings for Insurance and More

We all know that when you own or rent a home, you need an insurance policy that protects against theft, vandalism and acts of god. Having an insurance policy is even more important when you have valuable pieces of artwork like paintings in your home. If an act outside of your control happens, your insurance company will cut a check for you in the total amount of your artwork. However, you generally need to have your paintings’ worth appraised before you can insure them. Additionally, you may desire to have your artwork appraised for a variety of other reasons including:

Estate Settlement
Divorce Settlements
Charitable Donation


Painting Appraisal

Many people view collecting artwork as an investment and want to ensure that they protect their investments. When you hire a Fine Art Appraiser to assess your paintings, you are paying for a professional examination of the artwork. However, that doesn’t mean that appraisal can’t be convenient for you. When you work with Nugent Appraisal, you can arrange for one of our professionals to come to your house or office, or — under specific circumstances — work with us remotely. The appraiser will look at the overall condition of the painting, its age, the artist who created the piece and the current market conditions in order to determine the worth of the painting. As market conditions change, you may want to arrange periodic appraisal updates in order to keep the valuation of your piece accurate.

Condition is Critical

When looking at paintings by well-known artists, there is a big difference between how much a painting in great condition is worth compared to a painting in poor or fair condition. Inevitably, paint will fade and can often develop cracks or chips over time; what looks like minor flaws to you can have a big impact when it comes to determining a piece’s worth. Professionals will also look for indications that the painting has been repaired or restored in the past, which can significantly impact the value of the piece.

Here at Nugent Appraisal Services, our fine art appraisers understand every facet of appraising your artwork and we make use of up-to-date worldwide market data on hundreds of thousands of artists with millions of accurate sales records, from master artists to regional virtual unknowns in our appraisals. Therefore, whether you are discovering the artist and value for the first time or simply updating an out-of-date valuation to protect your fine art we can accommodate your need.

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