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Shang Ding Oil on Canvas

Framed oil on canvas depicting Chinese girl signed and dated lower right by the artist Shang Ding 1990 63″ x 73″.

Replacement Value: $85,000+


A figure and portrait painter, primarily of female subjects, he has Chinese heritage and became an American resident.

In China, he was the youngest of six children and grew up happily in the city of Kunming, but his life was interrupted by the turmoil of the Chinese Revolution. As a twenty year old painter and soldier from China, he caught the attention for his skill in capturing battlefield scenes from Madame Mao when he was exhibiting in Beijing in 1974. Her support led to making him famous and to special encouragement from professors from the Central Art Academy where he got an undergraduate art degree.

the youngest student ever admitted, he earned a Master’s Degree in 1981 from the Zhejian Academy of Fine Arts and then became an associate professor at the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art. When the American sculptor, Chapel visited the campus, he invited Shang to the United States.

In 1988, he left his wife and daughter in China and went to Colorado where Chapel lived and arranged an exhibit for him with a Chinese benefactor in Los Angeles contributing the frames. The show was a great success, and struggling with bureaucrats, he finally got his wife and daughter to America where the three settled in Southern California. Source:

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