Donation Appraisal

Donation Appraisal

If you are donating non-cash items to an IRS designated charitable organization in order to itemize a tax deduction you may need to have a certified appraisal performed. The appraisal requirement from an IRS qualified appraiser is determined by the total fair market value of the items you are donating. Chances are you do not know the accurate fair market value of the items you are donating. What to do?

CONTACT US to discuss your items or collection to receive preliminary information that will guide you in the process. There is no cost or obligation associated with discussing your donation with our IRS qualified appraisers.

Nugent Appraisal accredited appraisers produce hundreds of certified appraisal reports for charitable donation every year – for years. Fine Art appraisal, Residential Contents appraisal, and large Special Collections appraisal are the most frequent assignments resulting in appraisal reports submitted to the IRS.

Certified IRS compliant appraisal reports for donation of:

Fine Art, Special Archival Collections, Jewelry, Collectibles, Decorative Art, Residential Contents, and Home Fixtures and Appliances

Your donation may not require a certified appraisal by an accredited appraiser. Avoiding this process still enables you to receive your tax deduction, but without a cost of time and money. The donation appraisal experts at Nugent Appraisal are available to discuss your unique situation and answer all your questions – without obligation. CONTACT USCharitable Donation today to understand all of your obligations to the IRS when donating assets for a tax deduction.

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