Diamond Appraisal – Real or Fake?

Diamond Appraisal – Real or Fake?

One of the most common reasons given for scheduling a jewelry appraisal is to learn whether or not a piece of jewelry is set with genuine diamonds. Often, this question- how can I tell if it’s a real diamond? is asked when dealing with estate jewelry pieces. There are two main designations a piece of jewelry could fall under: It could be an authentic or genuine piece made with precious metal, which would be considered fine jewelry, or the piece could be “costume”. The line can get a bit blurry. Diamond is a naturally occurring gemstone, formed billions of years ago as much as 120 miles below earth’s surface. Diamond is the hardest natural substance found on earth, and with its unmatched beauty and relative rarity, natural diamond jewelry commands high prices.


Diamond Jewelry Appraisal or Diamond Simulant Appraisal

A diamond simulant is a material that may look like a diamond, but has none of the physical or optical properties of diamond. Essentially, a simulant is an imitation. An example of this in costume jewelry would be rhinestones set into stainless steel that is coated with a gold-colored paint. Some costume jewelry is quite beautiful, and if designed by a well-known artist, can hold very high value.

With ever advancing technology, scientists have developed some very convincing simulants; some of which are even set into precious metals, like gold, for jewelry. An ordinary consumer would most likely not be able to distinguish a good simulant from a natural diamond. That is where Nugent Appraisal Services and their certified gemologists step in. Our GIA educated gemologists were trained to separate natural diamonds from their simulant counterparts using advanced equipment, and confidently explain the distinction to clients. Some materials used as simulants include: cubic zirconia, gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG), strontium titanate, and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG). These four materials are all created in a lab and do not occur naturally.

Diamond simulants have their own viable place in the market, and can be a very good choice for customers who want a beautiful stone at a more affordable price. However, there are some dishonest people who make their living by selling simulants at the price of a natural diamond to unknowing customers. Diamond appraisal or jewelry appraisal in general can help you avoid falling prey to those that do this.

Have a certified gemologist at Nugent Appraisal Services appraise your jewelry so you can wear it, whether it is new or handed down to you, with confidence.

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