Coffee table, sofa table and two end tables

Coffee table, sofa table and two end tables

Appraisal ID: 11256
Appraised On: Aug 17,2006
Market Value: $600.00
Replacement Value: $800.00


Carved French style marble top furniture set all with cabriole
legs ending in paw feet: coffee table with carved apron, oval shaped
rosey marble insert. Console table with two small drawers with brass
hardware, carved apron and rectangular rosey marble insert. Pair of side
tables with two full size drawers with brass hardware, carved apron,
and rectangular rosey marble insert. Circa mid-20th century lacquered
fruitwood. Fruitwood is wood from several fruit bearing trees such as
apple, cherry and pear, used especially in cabinetmaking. However, the
“fruitwood” mark in this case may also refer to the finish on the
Item/Title: Living Room Furniture
Date/Period of Manufacture: 50’s, 60’s or
70’s Not really sure
Condition: The items are in good condition with some
varnish chipping in the wood. Occurs in all areas. Marble has some
stains that would need to be buffed out.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Don’t know.
There are no identifiable tags or imprints.
Dimensions (HxWxD): Coffee Table : 40″ in diameter X
15″ Marble is 36″ in diameter.
Sofa Table: 51″ length X 18″ Width X 22″ high.
End tables (2 Total) : 24″ Length X 24″ Width X 22″ High.
Inscription: None
History/Provenance: Purchased it from an estate sale
about 18 Years ago. Owner said it was his mothers.

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