Appraising a Vintage Guitar

Appraising a Vintage Guitar

The Value of Vintage

While guitars are considered a dime a dozen, there are some that are considered to be “vintage” guitars. When a guitar is considered “vintage” it obtains a higher value to it.

Vintage guitar prices range anywhere between a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. Guitars that hold such a high value follow strict criteria.

The primary factors that significantly affect the value of a guitar include:

Condition:  It is required that your instrument is in mint condition, in order to receive maximum value. Meaning that little or no repair work was performed on the guitar including original case and parts.

Rarity: Rarity is determined by how many collectors are seeking a certain guitar.

Age: The older the guitar, the higher the value.

Memorabilia Value: Was the guitar played by a historical musician? If yes, the value can increase into the millions.

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