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Estate Settlement Appraisal

  • IRS Qualified Accredited Appraisers
  • IRS Required USPAP Compliant
  • Certified Report to Estate and Filer
  • 35 Years Serving Estates & Professionals


Our team of accredited appraisers certify the Fair Market Value as of the date of death of all tangible assets including but not limited to art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, memorabilia, residential contents, and commercial contents and inventory. We coordinate directly with family members and/or the trustee. We also facilitate the selling or donation of assets. Read what other professionals have said about our estate settlement appraisal services.


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  • Descriptions & Images of Items
  • On-site examination for many items
  • Remote Appraisal for few items
  • Assistance Selling & Donating


Many families find themselves with a lack of value information that inhibits them from fairly sharing their deceased loved one’s belongings. As experienced, impartial appraisal professionals we put the detailed report in your hands that allows you to move forward on the equitable distribution of items. Now you can make an informed decision of whom should get what, what to keep, what to sell, what is a fair selling price, and what should be insured.

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