Antique Furniture

An accurate antique furniture appraisal begins with correctly identifying a piece. There are characteristics of every piece that enables an experienced antique appraiser to place the piece. Once identified, the latest market sales and offerings of comparable pieces determine the relevant value.

Opinions vary, but from a strict timeline perspective antique furniture starts from around 1920. It can be challenging for the layman to determine if a piece is antique as manufacturers utilize materials, techniques, and styles of antique periods. There are indicators that differentiate an antique from a later reproduction. Our antique appraisers have the knowledge, experience, and resources to identify and certify your antiques.

Some antique furniture items we regularly appraise:

antique beds, antique bookcases, antique buffets, antique cabinets, antique chairs, antique chests, antique clocks, antique cupboards, antique desks, antique dressers, antique mirrors, antique rugs, antique sofas and antique tables

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