Antique Appraisal: Rare Book Appraisal

Antique Appraisal: Rare Book Appraisal

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There are many elements to look for while performing an antique book appraisal that will prove important in determining value.  It is very important to check the date on the front of the title page and on the backside of that page. If there are two dates on the back and front, and if they are not the same, chances are that you do not have a first edition copy. The book appraisers at recognize these important issues because we have more than 40 years of antique book appraisal experience.

We, at, for example, know that with our years of experience doing book appraisals, that books published before 1800 have more than likely been rebound in the 1800s, unless otherwise stated; as well as recognizing that copies in original bindings, even if they have been extensively repaired, or those having been put in contemporary fine bindings, have a much higher value.

It is very important to note, that when performing an antique book appraisal, the major emphasis is on the condition of the book as how it affects the appraisal value. If, for example, a book is in the original binding and in fine condition it will have a higher value. By and large, it is condition that determines the value, and in fact, our antique book appraisal experts have noted a strong trend among collectors, and sometimes libraries, to accept only the finest copies available.

The antique book appraisal experts at are knowledgeable in determining if a book is a first edition; a first issue, or a first state. Our vast bibliographic data base provides the detailed information that allows our antique book appraisers to make an accurate judgment. It is true, however, that there is no certain unanimity of method among either English or American publishers of identifying their first editions. However, it is a fact that our antique book appraisal experts have many years experience, and the professional expertise to make sound decisions that affect the appraised value. has the ability to identify and appraise your book or set of books from a digital image an brief description. We appraise hundreds of books a week from around the world for just $19.95 per book or set of books. Interested in knowing what you have and what collector’s are currently paying for it? CONTACT US on our online form or call toll-free (888) 353-7152  to discuss your book appraisal need.


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