Antique Appraisal: Demand Creates Value

Antique Appraisal: Demand Creates Value

I have the pleasure of receiving most of the inquiries for our appraisal service. I have responded to thousands of calls and emails from potential clients that are very excited about the possibility of finally understanding the real value of their item. Their excitement and eagerness is truly one of the best parts of my job.

Unfortunately, I don’t always have good news for them when it comes to value. When this occurs some are disappointed because they could “really use the money.” Most are thankful that their thirst for the real value has finally been quenched.

What creates value? In a word – demand.   Now, there can be many reasons why an item has demand – age, condition, rarity, scarcity, size, attribution, etc. But, there is one certainty, without demand there is little or no value. In other words, “an item is only worth what another is willing to pay for it.”

Our appraisal professionals have decades of experience in identifying the characteristics in items that are truly in demand. Is your furniture item an authentic antique or vintage reproduction? Is your wall art under glass an original watercolor or print? An accurate appraisal begins with a positive identification. Once identified we have the market data resources on exact or comparable items that delivers to you the true demand and resulting valuation.

Ray Nugent has most of the client contact so if you have an item or appraisal question call Ray at (888) 353-7152 or email



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